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News from Tintwistle Band

Better News. The End in Sight

Following recent government announcements, it looks like a return to banding, and musical performances in general, is still on track for stage 4 of the lifting of the lockdown on 21 June. Updated guidance from Brass Bands England suggests that groups of up to 6 players, socially distanced etc, can meet outside to rehearse from 12 April  however, multiple groups of 6 players at the same location are not permitted. So we couldn't get the whole band together by arguing that we were disparate groups of 6, even though, with the lack of rehearsals to date, that's exactly what we would sound like. 😁

Still, as I am writing this, it has been snowing this morning and it still looks cold and miserable now, so I'm sure no-one in the band is really pushing for rehearsals outdoors at the moment.

Incidentally, if you look at the website for Wetherby bandstand (a popular place to look at 😁) then it looks like the band are due to play there on 17th July. The town council have simply taken the dates from the cancelled 2020 scheduled and moved them to 2021, so currently it is not confirmed that the band will be playing on that date.

And finally, I am sure the whole band will join me in extending our condolences to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, following the passing of HRH, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  He has been an enduring and supportive presence for the last 70  years, and it does feel like the ending of an era in British public life.

And of course our condolences go out to all who have lost family and friends over the last months. Whatever your station in life, loss of loved ones is equally painful and perhaps the only thing to be said is  " May your God be with you".

Take care, stay safe and hopefully see everyone soon